Au revoir, Midwest

I beg your forgiveness for the drought here. Last year I said cycling across the country was summer camp for … More

Just what I needed.

Part of the joy in bicycle touring is the complete disconnect from reality. The world’s events and personal worries go … More

And away we go!

It’s been two weeks of learning and homecomings. We, and by we I mean myself and the other route leaders, … More

We go again.

Hey, you made it back! It’s been quiet around here lately. Almost a little too quiet. So quiet in fact, I … More

Scorching in Washington

Washington has treated us well so far. We’ve had pretty good rides, and at night we’ve been playing plenty of … More

The beginning of the end

Sayonara, Montana! We’re now in our 14th state, Idaho, and it’s endearing, mostly because it’s not Montana. Maybe I’m being … More

Great views & bad news

I take pride in a blithe approach to both life and writing. This trip has forced me into smiling through rough … More