Scorching in Washington

Bike the US for MS 2014-16

Washington has treated us well so far. We’ve had pretty good rides, and at night we’ve been playing plenty of cards while prematurely reminiscing about the Northeast and New England areas.

Every day since Idaho has been over 100 degrees, but the heat hasn’t really bothered me much. The heat and I have a mutually assured destruction agreement in that, while it can wear me down, it motivates me to ride harder and revel in being drenched in sweat. All those years of skateboarding, running and playing soccer in the Virginia humidity are finally paying off.

Paddle-boarding back in Sandpoint!

Paddle-boarding back in Sandpoint!


I’ve camped along worse places


A vibrant red grated bridge along an otherwise generic slate of Washington. This, much like giant Red Wing boot, was mildly interesting


Can you tell I haven’t taken many interesting pictures since Sandpoint?

Soon we’ll be heading through a part of the state which was recently devastated by the “worst forest fires in state history” as one local put it. There were even doubts we’d be able to make it through due to road closings.


All of the Northeast’s state signs. Only absent are Maine and Wisconsin, but they were rainy and rude to us. Also missing is Canada, but does it really count?


The straight shot across the west represented here. The next and last sign I’ll be snapping a shot of is Seattle’s city limits!


But holy mackerel are we close! I’ve clocked over 4,000 miles on my bike, and we only have four real riding days before our 30 mile trot into Seattle. Loup Loup Pass and Washington Pass and their 7,500 cumulative feet of height stand in the way, but after that it’ll be all downhill into Seattle! Wish us luck!




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