It goes on

The night before the trip began, a double rainbow appeared over the Atlantic in Yorktown. From the hotel courtyard, we all joked how it was a good omen for the trip. It turned out it was more than just wishful thinking: TransAm 2016 was, by any account, a complete success, and I’m sad that it’s […]

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RIP Anne Davis

I’m unsure where to start, so I guess I’ll dive right in. A week ago, Bike and Build cyclists Anne Davis and Laura Stark were hit by a car while biking. Anne was killed and Laura is in critical condition. This is my third summer on a cross-country tour, and this is the third time […]

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My continued adoration of the Bike the US for MS alumni family

There’s quite a bit of hooplah about Virginia on the TransAm. I didn’t really want to believe my native land was considered hellish, unforgiving, and among the most challenging states on the route. But compared to Virginia, Kentucky was much smoother, literally and figuratively. Adam said Kentucky’s slogan might as well be, “Kentucky: Pretty much what you thought […]

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California, here we come

In 2000, I was given Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 mistakenly for my birthday. My best friend and neighbor, Tim, said he planned to get me Cool Boarders 3, but he and his mom could only find THPS2.  I couldn’t be bothered that the gift was a second-choice, as we ripped off the cellophane packaging and […]

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And so it ends

The final ride of the Northern Tier is a 33-mile trot from Snohomish, in through the north end of the city. We wake up at the Snohomish Youth Soccer Fields, tear down our tents one last time, zip up our kits, and get ready for the day of days. Our celebrations are uniquely calculated: the cyclists ride rogether down […]

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