Another crash: Where to from here?


Well it happened again. Three days after getting my new bike, I wrecked on the Union Market group ride.

Unlike last time, I’m a bit worse off than my bike. I got three stitches on my wrist, a load of road rash and have a small fracture on my forearm. I’ll be in a sling for a month or so.

It would appear that aside from a scuffed saddle (that I was planning to replace anyway), my brand new beautiful Giant TCR is in good shape, so that’s a silver lining, I guess.

My helmet, once again saved me from considerably worse injury, and I guess all things considered, I made out alright. But yet again, there’s no doubting that this suuuuuuuuucks.

Like, I’m questioning even what I want my future in cycling to be. I don’t want to let two bad wrecks in 3 weeks deter me from racing or riding hard. But is it worth the risk? The consequences of riding are seeping into my day-to-day life, and that is worth considering.

I love riding too much to ever stop, but maybe I ought to scale back the big group rides and racing. I don’t know. I’m at odds. I don’t want to stop doing something I love out of fear but these are gonna be a  loooooong six weeks.

Cycling has given me so much and this is the first instance it’s taken something from me. It’s hard to grapple with.

But life goes on and I’m dedicated to making the best of this shitty situation. Having to be sedentary for a few weeks might be the hardest part. I’ll have to find ways to get out and get my blood flowing.

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