The most pleasant surprise in Hebron

Bike the US for MS 2014-16

Today, after riding through scenic North Dakota (not an oxymoron, actually!) the lot of us were greeted by a massive mail-drop here in Hebron.

Courtesy of our friends in Richmond! Joe, Drew and I miss all of you so much!

Courtesy of our friends in Richmond! I can’t decide which is more awesome: the actual goods or the card.

Also among the packages was a bag from Hardywood Brewery, and inside was a beautiful new jersey and keychain! Pictures will be up on here or my Instagram pronto. I don’t even care for the 83 miles awaiting me tomorrow because I’ll get to ride them in my brand new jersey! A HUGE thank you to the entire Hardywood team for their donation and support!

Today made me a little homesick after feeling all the love coming at us from Virginia, be it from my parents, friends, or favorite brewery. Other than this, there isn’t much else to report on. We passed through Bismarck, the state’s capitol which was a neat little city, and we’ll be into Montana in about 48 hours! That also means I’ll be changing timezones again, which really just means I’ll be accidentally calling my parents even later than I already am.

Resting up in...uhhh...somewhere in North Dakota!

Resting up in…uhhh…somewhere in North Dakota!

North Dakota hasn’t proven to be the barren terrain I was expecting. It certainly has it’s share of crops and fields, but peppered in are lakes, buttes, and rolling hills. We might even see parts of the Badlands, which would be pretty incredible. But I must make haste and end this, as it’s now 11 PM and way past my bedtime!

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