Au revoir, Midwest

I beg your forgiveness for the drought here. Last year I said cycling across the country was summer camp for adults. And if being a cyclist is being a camper, being a Route Leader is like being a counselor. Except instead of caring for a bunch of adolescent twerps, I’m responsible for a crew ranging in […]

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Just what I needed.

Part of the joy in bicycle touring is the complete disconnect from reality. The world’s events and personal worries go by the wayside when you’re a lunatic on a bike for 6+ hours every day. We’re most concerned about how and where we can get our hands on a decent cup of coffee at sunrise. […]

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And away we go!

It’s been two weeks of learning and homecomings. We, and by we I mean myself and the other route leaders, spent a week in Blacksburg before shipping up to Maine, and it didn’t take too long to remember why I love Tech as much as I do. Few things warm the cockles of my heart […]

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We go again.

Hey, you made it back! It’s been quiet around here lately. Almost a little too quiet. So quiet in fact, I decided to grab my life like a snow globe and give it a few enthusiastic shakings. Then I figured I’d crack it open and dump out the insides just for good measure. Ever since returning […]

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Champagne & salt water

It was a moment I had been waiting for since the day I applied to ride. I had the same feeling for months that eight year olds have starting December 26th — patiently waiting, yet still doing all the was required to get there. We made it to Seattle! I kicked off my shoes at […]

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Scorching in Washington

Washington has treated us well so far. We’ve had pretty good rides, and at night we’ve been playing plenty of cards while prematurely reminiscing about the Northeast and New England areas. Every day since Idaho has been over 100 degrees, but the heat hasn’t really bothered me much. The heat and I have a mutually […]

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The beginning of the end

Sayonara, Montana! We’re now in our 14th state, Idaho, and it’s endearing, mostly because it’s not Montana. Maybe I’m being a little melodramatic about Montana, but after being put through the gauntlet for two weeks, it’s refreshing to be not only out of the Big Sky country, but also in the Pacific timezone! Today’s our […]

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Great views & bad news

I take pride in a blithe approach to both life and writing. This trip has forced me into smiling through rough times, laughing while miserable, and “grin-and-bearing” with suboptimal conditions. But if I could take a superlative, I’d say this last week was the most physically and emotionally challenging week of my life. A few days ago […]

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Winds in the wild west

North Dakota sent us off with a bang. After the greatest mail-drop to ever drop mail, we finally hit the Badlands, which brought my favorite scenery yet. Upon riding into Montana, the state in which we’ll be spending the most time, it seemed like it was rejecting us like a body rejecting a poor organ […]

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