I’m a writer and reporter. You can find my bylines daily at Richmond BizSense, where I cover Richmond-based breweries, startups, universities and more.

I’m originally Poughkeepsie, New York but have spent my formative years in Virginia. I graduated with a degree in journalism from Virginia Tech in 2013.

After that, well, uh, things got a little weird.

Directionless and broke, I decided I wanted to bike across America to challenge myself and see a side of the country I never would otherwise.. I rode with a wonderful charity called Bike the US for MS.

I made it to the Pacific and liked it so much that I…kept…doing it? I rode across the country two more times in the subsequent years, working as a writer for SB Nation’s Real Madrid blog, Managing Madrid, in the offseason.

Eventually Bike the US for MS looked at me and said, “Hey! You like doing this stuff, want to help run the organization?” To which I replied, “Sure!” So I moved back to Blacksburg and helped run the show, handling things like getting riders prepared, marketing to new riders, writing a bunch of copy and more general day-to-day stuff.

Eventually the itch to write got back to me, and in late 2016 I left Bike the US for MS, moved back to Richmond, and began at BizSense as a business reporter shortly thereafter.

When I’m not cycling or reporting, I try to find as much time possible to blog, write essays and the like. I’ve got a neat little collection of stuff I’m proud of over at Medium.

That’s about it. Say hi at